AmpHel® Flat-tip Gold-Type ORP Electrode- HI6200505

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This amplified ORP electrode is designed for industrial applications with features such as a PTFE junction, gold sensor, and PVDF body. With it's durable design, you can count on this electrode to stand up to your process environment.
  • Flat-tip ORP electrode.
  • Designed with ¾” external thread on both ends for easy installation.
  • Built for everyday, demanding use in industrial applications.


Flat tip ORP electrode

Virtually eliminates deposits that can foul the electrode, significantly reducing necessary maintenance.

Gold sensor

Required for measurement of cyanide or highly oxidative environments.

PVDF body

PVDF offers characterized by high thermal stability and excellent chemical resistance.

BNC connector

Allows for quick and easy connection to any pH/ORP meter or transmitter.

PTFE junction

The electrode has a unique clog resistant junction that enhances both probe life and accuracy.

Double junction technology with gel polymer filling

Ensure long electrode life and reliability in harsh environments.


SKU HI6200505
Range ORP: 2000 mV
Tip Shape Flat, gold
Junction Double, PTFE
Glass Type (-5 to 100°C)
Electrolyte Polymer
Matching Pin Yes
Amplifier No
Temperature Sensor No
Max Pressure 6 bar (87 psi)
Connector BNC
Cable 5m
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